Monday, August 10, 2009

My first blog!

Hey everyone!

I've totally never blogged before! Lol. I love something new! I am a professional wrestler/ figure competitor/aspiring fitness model. I'm totally spontaneous and love to go on adventures! Traveling is always a kick ass time. I've had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico, Japan, England and majority of the US. Mexico was for sure my favorite! I'm a little bias since I pretty much lived there for a year and a half.

Currently I spend the majority of my time in the gym or if it's nice out at the track. If I'm not there I'm trying a new resturant, seeing a movie, or at a comic shop. Lol. Don't tell anyone I'm a huge dork. lol.

For 2 years I was employed by the professional wrestling company TNA Wrestling which airs Thurs on Spike TV. After I was let go I decided to go back to my other passion which is figure competitions. My first show back in 2 years will be Oct 31st. Talk about dressing up for Halloween! And all the candy will for sure be welcomed! lol. I promised my best friend Shantelle I would post some progressive pics so no judging! Yet at least lol. This weekend starts my 12 weeks away from my show. Next time I take pics I'll put them up. And I swear I'm never this miserable. lol. It was early morning and I hate taking pics. lol.

Here you go love! And thanks everyone for checking out my blog! More to come soon!

-Nikki : )