Monday, August 10, 2009

My first blog!

Hey everyone!

I've totally never blogged before! Lol. I love something new! I am a professional wrestler/ figure competitor/aspiring fitness model. I'm totally spontaneous and love to go on adventures! Traveling is always a kick ass time. I've had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico, Japan, England and majority of the US. Mexico was for sure my favorite! I'm a little bias since I pretty much lived there for a year and a half.

Currently I spend the majority of my time in the gym or if it's nice out at the track. If I'm not there I'm trying a new resturant, seeing a movie, or at a comic shop. Lol. Don't tell anyone I'm a huge dork. lol.

For 2 years I was employed by the professional wrestling company TNA Wrestling which airs Thurs on Spike TV. After I was let go I decided to go back to my other passion which is figure competitions. My first show back in 2 years will be Oct 31st. Talk about dressing up for Halloween! And all the candy will for sure be welcomed! lol. I promised my best friend Shantelle I would post some progressive pics so no judging! Yet at least lol. This weekend starts my 12 weeks away from my show. Next time I take pics I'll put them up. And I swear I'm never this miserable. lol. It was early morning and I hate taking pics. lol.

Here you go love! And thanks everyone for checking out my blog! More to come soon!

-Nikki : )


  1. LOL You look tired in that pic!

    I look forward to seeing you in action @ SHIMMER in November.

    Best of luck to you in your fitness competition!

    Since you like comics, which one is your favorite?

  2. You look like you're going to turn green and kick some major ass! Good luck with the comp, and remember as Michael always says there is no too much cardio. ;-)

  3. Best of luck to you in your fitness competition!

    God Bless! Just like w/ your wrestling you will kick ass and take names.
    Your braver than I am w/the blog thing way to go.

    Charissa Scott

  4. Well, Nikki, aside from your grumpy expression, you look fantastic! I can't imagine how great you will look in 12 weeks. I already hate you for those abs. . .


  5. I'm stealing every green tile on your floor



  6. I think that's the first picture I've ever seen of you not smiling. What's up with that?

  7. It was early morning! I already said that! lol. No one is super happy when they first wake up lol.